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  My company's predecessor was founded in 1956 in wuxi city industrial equipment installation company,Renamed in 1993 in wuxi city industrial equipment installation company,2○○Four years in August to rename for wuxi industrial equipment installation co., LTD。The company has 13 branches、The four centers(Technology center、Vocational training center、Engineering test center、Mechanical and electrical engineering services center)、A prefabricated factory and two investment holding company(Wuxi fangyuan construction labor services co., LTD、Wuxi is Ann mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD)。The company's registered capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Net assets exceeds one hundred million yuan,Annual capacity in construction10More than hundred million,Is the executive director of the association of installation、Installation industry association, vice President of unit in jiangsu province、Wuxi installation industry association unit,High and new technology enterprise,With the municipal enterprise technology center。In 1998 the company passedISO9002Quality management system certification,2○○January through five yearsISOQuality、The environment、Occupational health and safety triad management system certification。
  The company has a well operations、Good management、Sophisticated technology、Good business management team,The existing various types of technology、Economic professionals300More than 1,One senior personnel 100More than 1。The company has a registered first class constructor30Name、Associate constructor27Name,Small project manager14Name,Quality controller39Name,Senior technician29Name,Pressure vessel welders20Name。The company has its own offices12000Square meters,Own construction machinery、Testing equipment、The instrument1000More than one(Sets)。The talented person、The economy、Strong technical force,Machinery、Detection equipment is complete,Have to undertake electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering general contracting engineering and technology of general contracting construction and management ability,Has high social reputation in the market and competition ability。 [In more detail >>]